Think little, stay little, do little...

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Welcome to Yorkshire’s This is Y magazine becomes more evident with each issue that it has a bias to Leeds and the West Yorkshire region. We all know where it is based, thus the bias.

Also, since when has Barnsley been part of the so-called Greater Leeds region?

It’s not even in West Yorkshire. Then again, Sheffield lags behind other cities.

Visit any tourist information office and you’ll pick up dedicated brochures to comparable cities, such as Manchester, Leeds etc.

Of every one I’ve visited, guess which city had no publicity? You guessed: Sheffield. The only brochure which was selling Sheffield was the Peak District guide.

Then, there is our pathetic excuse for a Tourist Information Office. It’s like a broom cupboard. I spoke to some South African visitors who went to it. They thought it was a joke that it closed for lunch. They had been to smaller places, like Doncaster and Rotherham, where there were at least two staff and they didn’t shut for lunch. They couldn’t believe how unobtrusive was our office.

That’s our mentality: think little, stay little, do little.

Embarrassed Sheffielder