Think again on station toilets

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I HAVE just read the letter regarding having to pay for access to the toilets at Sheffield railway station.

Recently my daughter and myself dutifully paid our 20p so we could use the toilets. Later on however, while we were queuing at the nearby cash machine, we saw at least two people getting through the barriers without paying.

In the space of five minutes one person jumped over the turnstile and another was slim enough to squeeze through!

There is no attendant so the new system is open to abuse. Think again!

S Middleton

Your promises are a little thin

Why do the opposition parties always promise things when they know damn well they would brake their promise as soon as they get into power?

Ed Miliband has now said he would cut tuition fees if Labour was in power. Let’s look at these fees: why all this problem with hiking them up,they could be £20,000 each no student will pay any fees as long as they don’t earn enough when they start work.

Please Labour/Tories when you are not in power keep your gob shut because your promises are a little thin.

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