Things don’t change in city

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I recently found a copy of The Star dating back to 1987.

Reading through its faded pages I was struck by just how little this city has changed in 24 years: the council leader was asking Government to give the city more money; youth unemployment was the worst in the country; a woman had to be rehoused after four years of ‘a living hell at the hands of malicious pranksters’ or anti-social idiots as we know them now.

It is very depressing knowing that so much money has been poured into the city to so little effect.

The view around the city may have been tarted up at great expense but the lives and prospects of the people are just as miserable as ever.

I can think of no better example of how years of Labour policies locally and nationally have utterly failed the people of this city.

Oh yes, and the city was in the grip of a harsh winter back in 1987. That is one thing that has changed. Back then there were no complaints about the council because the roads and schools were open and the buses running.

Dave, S11