Thief preyed on old women

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A FEMALE thief who preyed on old women in supermarkets has been locked up for a year and-a-half.

Sylvia Bihariova, 34, followed pensioners and watched them taking money out of cash machines, then stole their bank cards and tried to make further withdrawals.

Judge Robert Moore, sentencing at Sheffield Crown Court, said Bihariova was arrested after stealing from a 74-year-old woman in Morrisons in Barnsley.

Bihariova, originally from the Czech Republic, but living in Leeds, stole the woman’s bag which contained £100 and her cash card. She then tried to take £200 from an ATM.

Judge Moore told her: “You spent much of 2010 repeating the same offences, targeting vulnerable elderly ladies with money and handbags. They were always in supermarkets where their attention was not always on their bags.”

Bihariova admitted theft.