They’ve failed miserably

city centre buses
city centre buses
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We are in the third week of these bus changes and nothing seems to be getting any better.

I am hoping that as I am writing this letter a decision will have been made to improve the abysmal service we have at the moment.

I may be wrong but I thought Sheffield was the fourth largest city in the UK, but with the service we have at the moment we might well be in outer Mongolia!

What has happened to direct routes to Sheffield? Surely a successful bus service would be to get people from A to B as quickly as possible. Why does every bus journey seem to be a Magical, (Not), Mystery Tour?

Why after three weeks are some drivers having to still have mentors travelling with them directing them on their routes? Twice in the last fortnight I have had buses overshoot the bus stops, even though I signalled in plenty of time, only to be told they didn’t realise there was a bus stop there!

Why not have local community buses serving the estates and taking them to the stops where direct routes run?

Where I live the buses which I use cover the Burncross area. There are two buses, the 85 and 86, (First and Stagecoach), and these buses run virtually at the same time.

The journey time, (on the 85), is 50 minutes from Hollowgate to Sheffield – unacceptable.

We do not have a bus service to take us to the interchange which would also serve the rail station.

Today it took me over two hours to get home from Collegiate Crescent, the second time this has happened in a fortnight.

If these changes were to get more bums on seats the planners have failed miserably.

I don’t drive but if I did and owned a car I would be back in it.

I hope after today’s meeting they will have taken the views, comments and complaints of the public who have no option but to use the buses into account.

I have sympathy with all the bus drivers who appear to hate these changes as much as we do.

Linda Cavanagh

Livingstone Road, Chapeltown S35