They should respect our culture and our ways

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I’m also sorry that Brian Sheridan has took such offence to my comments about immigrants.

He should perhaps read my letter again.

My comments were purely an observation on how immigration has changed many areas around our city.

My use of “mini ghetto” is perhaps a little unfair.

Of course most people on the route from Firth Park to Waingate can speak both English and their mother tongue.

And yes, if you ask for directions, you will often get a reply in English.

My comments on English shops was merely another observation as I often come through Spital Hill and was just looking out of the bus window at the many shop fronts.

Most also had signs in English so I was able to read them.

But some also had vast amounts of Arabic written below.

Now my argument is this, if we are all living in England, and all these people can speak English, why are a lot of signs written in another language?

If I was to open a shop in say France, I would at least have the courtesy to write everything in French.

I’m often under the impression that these people keep their customs from their country and are not always keen to integrate with ours.

And no I don’t “endure” people from other lands. I live alongside them like everybody else does.

But there needs to be a bit of give and take.

I do not have a problem with anyone coming to live here and enrich our own culture with parts of their own, but they also have to respect our culture and ways.

Because a lot of the time, things we do are often pushed to one side in favour of others with a different culture and I do not see that as progress, I see it as taking a step backwards.

We need to make room for everybody who settles here, but them to have understandings and acceptance of our culture, not just for theirs.

Perhaps then the words racism, and integration might one day be defunct.

Let’s hope so anyway.

Matthew Hobson

by email