They’re out of their minds

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I’m sick and tired of the media and government using the word ‘radicalisation’ when referring to groups and individuals who leave the UK to join the terrorist organisation known as ISIS.

It’s as though these participants have no choice in the matter, that they were brain-washed, hypnotised without any control over their own minds.

Would an MP or news editor say that someone was radicalised if they joined a gang of bank robbers or drug smugglers? No, instead they would say that they knowingly chose to take that path with the intention of committing those criminal acts.

The people who join the murderous ISIS know full well what they are getting into. And as for the family members who come on TV after they have fled saying that they didn’t know what was going on, that it was a complete surprise. Come off it, most families would know if their offspring were planning a trip to Skeggy, never mind Syria. Some even have the gall to blame our police, requesting them to go over to the Middle East to look for their duplicitous relatives. Are they out of their minds?

No, these ISIS recruits have made a conscious decision to leave the safety and comfort of Britain to join and take part in torture, rape and mass murder using the most horrific methods.

And for that they should be labelled as traitors and deemed enemies of the state. Their passports and British citizenship should be renounced and any effort to return here should be immediately quashed with a return trip back to Syria – the country they chose to act out their fanatical ideals.

Peter Flynn