They play the system

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What’s needed in the UK right now is not more ‘youth workers’ or any other nonsensical, social-inclusion project workers. It’s a total waste of decent, hard-working, taxpayers’ money.

More prisons and a return to old-style borstals is the answer. Tougher judges, longer sentences and a UK repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Many more new prisons are needed and in the short-term, remove the pool tables and gymnasiums. That would free up a good many spaces.

Media imbeciles and sociologists now stupidly ask ‘why did they riot?’ It’s not rocket science. These thugs know the only way they’ll ever end up in jail nowadays is if they commit mass murder.

There’s no real criminal deterrent. They have their mobile phones and designer clothing – but still want more and are not prepared to have to work, like decent citizens, to get what they want.

Left wing apologists excuse their behaviour on unemployment. Ok, if hundreds of thousands of people with a very basic grasp of the English language can enter the UK and find work, why can’t these British ‘rioters’?

The fact that these scumbags don’t get the punishment they deserve is not down to our severely hampered and limited police numbers, it’s down to nonsensical judges and stupid legal regulation from Brussels.

The delinquents know how to play the system. They’re not innocent victims. They know that the UK has had no real crime deterrent or discipline for decades. They know they can get away with numerous crimes without ever being locked up and they laugh at the decent, law-abiding citizens. They have no respect for anyone or anything. A good, hard kick-up-the-backside is needed, not an army of useless, expensive ‘youth workers’.

A Barlow, Doncaster