They need heads examining for scrapping roundabout

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I live just off Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, so am well versed with all the traffic conditions of Hillsborough for the past 30 years.

Whoever decided to scrap the roundabout at the junction of Leppings Lane – Penistone Road and Halifax Road really needs their heads examining.

For all the years I have lived here that roundabout has worked perfectly well for almost all the hours of every day, leaving aside perhaps the rush hours.

Now, (following the construction of a Sainsbury’s just onto Claywheels Lane), with the replacing of the roundabout with traffic lights, the junction is very often totally blocked, at almost any hour of the day.

At these times traffic can tail back along Penistone Road to Hillsborough Park, or even right to the Bradfield Road junction. On Leppings Lane it is often backed up almost to Middlewood Road, and on Halifax Road very often almost to Kilner Way.

Last week I set out at 7pm to pick up a friend at Chapeltown. I managed to get just off Middlewood Road, onto Leppings Lane, but met a virtually stationary line of traffic, which, I found out, stretched down Leppings Lane right to the “new” junction. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get from above the Sheffield Wednesday entrance to the junction at Penistone Road.

I was late picking up my friend, and we were late for our appointment.

I realise that there are only temporary traffic lights at this junction at present. But I can’t see it making much difference when the full lights are up and working.

Surely when a roundabout works well for most of the day, but perhaps has one or two times a day when traffic builds up, you don’t scrap the roundabout. You put traffic lights on the roundabout that only come into operation at the times of traffic congestion.

RB Bane

Irate Hillsborough resident