They cheated

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I always voted Labour. In fact I was a Shop Steward for a while. I was a construction worker, I lived on a council estate and was a member of the local Working Mens Club. They don’t come more working class than me. I hated the Tories, everything they stood far because they ruined industry in this country and therefore the opportunity for working class people to earn a decent living.

Then came Tony Blair and his “New Labour” project. They’d save us. Well they didn’t. They were worst than the Tories, who don’t bother to hide their preference to the rich. The Labour Party turned into the Tory party. The bombed the innocent, fiddled their expenses and lied to and cheated us all.

The working classes are not leaving the Labour Party, they left us. Of course most of the media and all the other parties are slinging mud. Most of which is fabricated. I would urge those curious about UKIP or just interested in politics to look at UKIP’s policies and not believe all the negative publicity.

The latest HIV scare story is a good example of how they spin a story. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping the resources of the NHS for the exclusive use of British tax payers. It’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

Year after year we have to endure a inept council because everyone votes without real thought. Send them a message in the election and vote UKIP.

Frank Sidney