These politicians are way beyond contempt

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The number of MPs exploiting their expenses by employing family and friends shows they have learned nothing from the last expenses scandal.

The excuse that somehow this creates a more flexible way of working is a joke.

Any new graduate would jump at the chance of earning £30,000 a year and prove more capable.

This generation of politicians is beyond contempt.

So far they have taken our armed forces into a variety of conflicts with inadequate equipment.

They have continued to encourage membership of the EU, which has failed to have accounts approved for 18 years.

They have failed to amend a Human Rights act that is exploited by every criminal, illegal immigrant and spiv lawyer.

They have overseen the NHS where a chief executive is still in post despite many scandals.

The BBC has been allowed to spend millions of our money on gold-plated pensions and redundancies and our political elite does nothing.

Never have the words of Oliver Cromwell been more pertinent as when he addressed the House of Commons. “Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You are deputed here to get grievances redressed are you not yourselves become the greatest grievance? Gold is your god, which of you has not bartered your conscience with bribes? Make haste ye venal slaves be gone.”

P Robb

Brecon Close, Sothall