‘There was no plan’ says murder accused

Laura Wilson murder victim
Laura Wilson murder victim
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A MAN accused of plotting to murder a teenage mum whose body was dumped in a canal told a jury he wasn’t aware of any plan to kill her.

Ishaq Hussain, aged 22, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, Rotherham, denies helping to organise the murder of 17-year-old Laura Wilson, who was stabbed to death and thrown in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire canal.

Ashtiaq Asghar, 18, has already admitted the killing, which was committed after Laura allegedly ‘shamed’ the two men by telling their relatives she’d had relationships with both of them.

But Hussain - the father of Laura’s young daughter - told Sheffield Crown Court he had ‘no inkling’ that Asghar was planning any violence.

Jurors heard a flurry of text messages were exchanged between Hussain and Asghar in the days before Laura vanished, including a message sent by Asghar which read: ‘Get a shooter - 9.6mm’.

But Hussain said: “I have no interest in guns.”

Text messages were also sent between the pair which referred to the satirical film Four Lions, which was set in Sheffield and depicts a group of Islamic terrorists planning an attack.

One of the messages sent by Asghar said ‘I need to do a mission’, while another mentioned sending someone ‘straight to hell’.

“It’s just a joke,” Hussain said. “All the young lads, mainly the Asian lads, would use quotes out of the film. Everybody was talking about it.”

Hussain, a former Kimberworth Comprehensive School pupil, entered into an arranged marriage in 2009 while his girlfriend Fay Williams was pregnant with their daughter.

Fay was friends with Laura and Hussain later met Laura in a chip shop on Ferham Road, Rotherham.

He said they started sleeping together within a week.

“I didn’t really have feelings for her other than as a mate,” he said. “She was more like someone I could have a laugh and a joke with.”

The sexual relationship lasted two to three weeks, he said. Hussain found out Laura was pregnant while he was in jail for an unconnected offence.

“I wasn’t that concerned. She told me she was pregnant and that I was the father.

“After a bit it did change. I heard rumours she was sleeping with Ashtiaq. I was actually doubting that the baby might be mine.”

Hussain told the jury he still didn’t know for sure who the baby’s father is.

He said his British Pakistani relatives ran a ‘family empire’ of businesses, shops and rented properties, and that they were ‘not really bothered’ by his previous relationships with white English girls.

The trial continues.