There’s no hope for the working class

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The Labour leadership candidates are now in full swing telling us all how they will do this and do that, especially messages of goodwill to the corporate and business community.

No real message of hope aimed at the working classes though, why you may ask?

Does any one of these Oxbridge-educated candidates actually relate to the masses?

Will whoever wins make a difference?

The short answer is a definite NO.

Every one of them is a part of the Westminster clique where they are spoonfed on right wing syrup. Therefore I suggest they have no idea on normal family life struggles.

Whoever wins the Labour leadership challenge, not one iota regarding the real struggles of families on £6.50p/hour and zero hours will change.

How can they?

After all it’s this same Westminster breed that begs for our votes that also sets the minimum wage levels.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74