There’s good news in store

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ANY plan which could create 500 jobs must be good news.

So Asda’s scheme for a new store in Sheffield which could do precisely that is something we welcome.

The supermarket giant wants to demolish a redundant factory in Drakehouse and replace it with a 24-hour store and petrol station.

This is a good use for the site and ensures it will not become another sad legacy.

However, we are mindful that Asda already has several stores in Sheffield, which we know concerns smaller traders.

But these stores have brought work to poorer areas, something which cannot be underestimated in the current economic climate.

And if Asda says it feels it is ‘underrepresented’ in the city, it has a right to improve this position.

The fact that this means jobs is something to welcome.

No nightmares this Halloween

HALLOWEEN - what a laugh.

Time to go out and scare the living daylights out of everyone.

But for pity’s sake, let’s all stop and think before we smear on the fake blood and rush out to spread alarm.

Think of the people of nervous disposition, depressed people, the elderly, people who feel lonely and vulnerable.

What seems a great prank to a fit and healthy mischief-maker could feel to others like a full-blooded attack. It’s not a joke when someone is left fearing for their property, their safety or even their life. Wear make-up and entertain your mates, by all means.

But leave innocent bystanders out of it. Respect people’s rights to shelter in their home undisturbed. Let’s get through Halloween with no true nightmare stories to tell.

Signs of progress

WE’VE heard the talk about economic recovery, now we’re seeing signs of progress.

At the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, bosses have revealed details of how they plan to spend a £37.1 million grant. Funding will support research for the next generation of nuclear power stations. This sort of work creates the jobs of the future so the funding is most welcome.

At the same time, the boss of German giant Siemens’ British businesses says confidence is returning to our economy, spearheaded by manufacturing. That is excellent news for our region and although we know much hard work lies ahead, we see reason for optimism.