The welfare of the dogs is our ultimate priority at Owlerton

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In response to the letter from Patricia Turnball, of June 13,

The secondary legislation specific to racing greyhounds under the Animal Welfare Act ensures greyhounds are the most protected of all canine breeds.

As with all athletes, human or animal, retirement from racing is inevitable. However, this does not mean that the greyhound’s welfare will be compromised. Every opportunity is taken to ensure each greyhound has the chance, once retired, to find a responsible home.

The industry paid £1.4million to the Retired Greyhound Trust in 2013, a figure that ensured a greater percentage of ex-racing greyhounds were found loving homes than ever before. In 2012 alone they rehomed just under 4,000 and reached the landmark figure of 60,000 since becoming operational. A vast number are retained as pets by owners and trainers, others homed by rehoming organisations.

Those with an interest in greyhounds and racing want to ensure the industry is portrayed accuratelyand see a thriving industry where the welfare of the dogs is paramount.

This is certainly the case at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium.

We work closely with the Retired Greyhound Trust and we operate a rehoming centre in Wortley. We contribute around £150,000 to the Trust every year via this and other fundraising activities.

British greyhound racing provides millions with a great deal of enjoyment. At Owlerton, we work with local charities and good causes to raise thousands of pounds to support the excellent work they do. We see this as a vital part of our role as a community venue.

John Gilburn

MD, Owlerton Greyhound Stadium and chair of Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust