The way Amey work means they must love doing jigsaws

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Can someone please explain the procedure of putting new street lights on roads?

On my estate Amey arrived around four weeks ago, dug a hole, put a new street light outside my house with no prior warning, then went away.

Maybe two weeks later they arrived again and dug a bigger hole, then came back the same day and made the hole bigger because they had dug it in the wrong place .

We have now had this hole with guards around it for over a week, restricting how we can park outside our house.

How long it will take before it is all completed is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile we are expected to put up with the disruption.

I have come to the conclusion that Amey like jigsaws. They start a jigsaw/job then realise that they have lost a couple of pieces so they move on to another jigsaw/job somewhere else, then lose a couple of pieces and move on to another jigsaw/job somewhere else and so on and so on.

Why can’t they complete a job instead of moving from one place to the other causing chaos for residents involved in there total disruption?

Their organisation or lack of it is totally beyond me, that is why I am asking for an explanation.

If they can come up with a reasonable explanation then maybe I would understand it a little better but I do feel that we just put up with all this when we should start questioning more

Elaine Walker

by email

I live on the Badger estate, Goathland Drive, Woodhouse and the lighting scheme has been a disgrace.

There has been huge holes left everywhere, half of the light’s don’t work and they have taken a light out next to my house and not replaced it.

Also for weeks teenagers here have been stealing and burning the barriers left around the lights. Absolutely terrible management

Rhia Smith