The Undateables - TV with real heart

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Initially I was wary, I have to say. But I was won over by the first date - and head over heels in love by the second.

I had feared Channel 4’s dating show with a difference, The Undateables, would be one of those vulgar gawps into the lives of lonely people affected by mental and physical disability.

But back for series two, it’s the most uplifting and enlightening thing on the box, proof indeed that there IS someone for everyone - and a massive reminder of how dismissive we are of people who don’t look or sound like us. This show makes you confront your prejudices alright. And educates us about the everyday battles some people, and their devoted families, have to face.

Singer-songwriter Daniel, a 6 foot 4 gentle giant with autism, had me at hello. But his romancing of the shy Hollie had to go at her pace, not his. When she refused his kiss on the cheek, the tender hug and encouragement his father gave him was hugely moving.

I rooted for Steve, whose genetic condition affects the shape of his face. I implored Zoe, whose Mosaic Down Syndrome won’t stop her planning her perfect wedding, to slow down. I cheered for Sam the poet, “bitten by the love bug”. And I realised that whatever the differences, everyone wants, and needs, love - and the ones who deserve it the most are all too often the ones who have to live without it.