The Star shouldn’t have any opinions

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As a person who was born, grew-up and works in Sheffield I feel disgusted that this editor is using The Star newspaper to put across his own personal opinions.

I’ve bought The Star all my life and my parents and grandparents have; so I think I have as much right to an opinion as this editor, who I bargain has not had the racism I’ve had in my working years in South Yorkshire.

I’ve faced hard times finically and so had to catch buses and walk to work in all weathers (as we do) through the centre of Sheffield and the wicker to Pitsmoor to get to work.

In that time I’ve had all types of racism thrown at me as I’ve trudged through those areas.

I’ve had homophobic comments, anti-white racism and more, just walking through the Wicker and up Spital Hill.

I bet The Star editor, riding about in his fancy car to work everyday, has never had to put up with such racism that I’ve tolerated, and yes I’ve been to the police – they’ve told me to avoid that area which is not much help when I had to work near there; what with its drug dealers hanging around, prostitutes, pimps, immigrant benefit drop-outs etc.

The police know about all these criminals but never do anything about them and it’s getting worse.

I’m sick of these self-appointed political correct types taking the moral high ground - if this editor is fine with these criminals operating on our streets throughout South Yorkshire, why doesn’t he go live with them in those rat infested areas?

I don’t support the English Defence League, but I believe that in a democracy they have a right to protest like any other groups in the city.

I also think this editor should not be making these type of comments.

The Star should just report the local news - not make political comments and remain neutral.



Editor’s note: When we asked readers what they’d like from their Star, many said a voice: a voice for the city, and one that will fight on their behalf. That’s why the Opinion Leader column has been boosted in length, and positioned on page two. All newspapers have them.

Also, you are quite welcome to come and ride with me in my ‘fancy’ three-year-old Vauxhall. That would give me a chance to talk to you, as you seem to have a rich back-story to tell.

James Mitchinson