The Star Says: Heckler taught a lesson by Lindsey

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The reply by trainee French teacher Lindsey Swift to a man who heckled her while running is simply priceless.

Determined Lindsey was on her morning run with boyfriend Ryan Wilkes when a driver slowed his white van down and shouted sarcastic comments at her.

Lindsey of Barnsley, did not let the man, who began singing a sarcastic rendition of Mika’s ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful),’ deter her from continuing her run but when she got home her anger began to build.

Taking to Facebook the next day, Lindsey wrote an open letter to the driver with the aim of encouraging other girls to ignore the hecklers and get fit.

The letter is easy to find online and is the kind of thing that deserves to go ‘viral’ rather than other internet jokes or videos that demean rather than empower their subject.

Lindsey can more than speak for herself but it gets you wondering what the heckler’s motivation was?

On this occasion it was a loudmouth in a white van but it could easily have been a group of ‘lads’ having what they’d loosely describe as ‘banter’.

Or it could be the Twitter mob that seems unable to contain itself when there’s the opportunity to pull someone up on a mistake or holding a different opinion to them.

Lindsey was simply running down the road when the driver felt unable to contain himself any longer before he spouted his nonsense.

What makes people think they have the right to be this downright rude to others?

It is a theme that we have touched on before in this column; one of selfishness.

Usually the word crops up when we’re talking about those who litter or fly tip. On this occasion it was another form of rubbish flying through the air.

Nobody is naive enough to think that everyone will get along or be nice all the time.

Stresses and strains of work, family or just the general frustrations of life get us all in a mood at one time or another.

However, what kind of person makes themselves feel better by making another feel bad?

Again this is one of those articles with plenty of questions but few answers because there can be no good reason to behave like this.

If you are one of these people maybe it is time to start being nice.

You never know, you may enjoy it.