The real crisis in housing

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I think Mary Steele, Thursday, December 10, missed my point. I know of private developers wishing to build houses but for whom, only those who can afford too buy them.

I haven’t seen developers rushing to other sites like the Manor or Firth Park who over decades have had numerous houses demolished without them being replaced.

Acres have stood empty for years because developers were and are still reticent to build in those downtrodden areas, because they know how difficult it is to sell them.

Social housing in Sheffield in very small numbers are only being built by housing associations who are under threat from the Government to sell their properties under the right to buy.

Housing associations are the only ones who could realistically build social houses on those neglected sites. It would take them decades to even scratch the surface of filling those sites once again with social houses.

My point is that the real house building in Sheffield for non-ownership is almost zero. This will not improve over another decade or so.

The shortage will continue until developers in joint collaboration with the council build half social and half private houses.

Over the years developers have not wanted to engage in this process, as they only build where a profit is greatest.

Hence the pressure being placed on all councils by the Government to release green field sites to these developers to build private housing so improving the government’s own figures of homes being built in Britain.

Paul Colk

by email