The public needs to be vigilant over trees

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I echo Professor Ian Rotherham’s concerns on the future of our city’s highway trees that the changes taking place are not necessarily for the better.

It is essential that genuine consultation takes place with the public, but I find it extremely worrying that there is no direct hotline to those in charge for people to express their views on work planned for street trees being carried out by contractors Amey across the city. The needless massacre of trees is taking place, as in the case of the Meadowhead roundabout, and I fear decisions are being made by those who are not sufficiently qualified in arboricultural matters. Our city’s beautiful trees must be protected and the public needs to be vigilant in stopping any work programme which will result in healthy trees being destroyed by using feeble excuses that the trees are ‘diseased’ or have dead or rotten limbs.

Susan Richardson