The parks in the north are a disgrace

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I had to laugh at the article a few weeks back in the star stating: Don’t get fat – go to the park instead.

I had emailed the parks and countryside department to ask why the parks in the north side of the city always look a disgrace.

The week beginning July 27, I took my dog to Colley park every day, and it is a disgrace. There are no facilities for the children to play, football pitches are not marked out, there are plastic bottles, cans and carrier bags strewn all over and the worst part, there is long grass, brambles and nettles that had overgrown onto the little pavement that the public should be able to walk on. A bench had been set on fire because kids thought it looked better, (after all, the long grass was hiding it so no-one could see it).

In Ecclesfield park, a dog bin has been removed and not replaced, is it any wonder there is dog muck all over?

I emailed parks and countryside to ask why nothing is ever done at this side of the city, only to be told that £500.000 had been spent on Colley park, (where it has been spent is anyone’s guess)?

I was told that they don’t cut the grass because they leave it long to attract wildlife, that’s fine but why is the grass not cut where people have to walk?

I was told the bench would be removed that had been burned, but it is still there along with the long bramble and nettles, the plastic bottles, cans and carrier bags, but hey, the football pitch has been marked out so you can play football.

So my query is why would anyone want to spend time in a park, (in the north side of the city), when it looks a disgrace?

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