The Mayor is approachable

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I HAVE never had any doubt that Andrew Cook (June 10) is prepared to put his time and resources into issues that concern him – as his intervention in Forgemasters clearly demonstrated. I don’t have – and never had – any personal interests in the airport issues, nor had any involvement in the decisions.

I note the £25,000 Mr Cook spent on a legal investigation into the closure. I presume the investigation found nothing untoward, or he’d have followed this with an application for judicial review or otherwise. This seems at odds with recent statements of his fellow Conservative, Timothy Kirkhope MEP and claims by a number of other correspondents.

On Mr Cook’s £1m bid to buy the airport, suffice to say I walked into my newsagent and offered to buy The Star for 10p. I wasn’t surprised that my bid was rejected.

Howard A Knight, S4