The list of stupid decisions gets longer

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A Foreign National professional criminal who has had many convictions and was stealing baggage from passengers at Heathrow Airport, was sentenced to 32 months in prison (which we all know means about half of that in this country) but no deportation at the end of the prison term.

He was also given a 10-year ASBO to keep him away from Heathrow.

Now this will solve Heathrow’s problem, but will obviously just send the problem somewhere else.

It is a little like the council decision to stop people tipping at legal tips, and send them away to tip their rubbish down every lane and back street in the area, so that the same council will have to pay a fortune to have it picked up and taken to the tip it would have gone to in the first place.

This must be fairly high up on the never ending list of stupid decisions by British courts and councils.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, DN7