The horrible set in charge of Parliament

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After reading in The Star on Friday, June 17, the letter about the mob in power by Dr Frank Burgin and then the letter by Don Alexander June 22 I find that I myself could not have put the words of truth any better than they both have done in their letters.

To back this up we have a short letter by Roger Bird putting forward a similar text.

I find this Tory government absolutely rotten to the core.

We know they like power to try to tell the working class what to do and what they will do.

Churchill said in the early fifties: “Put your heel on the working class and keep it there.’’ This lot are in the process of grinding us into the ground.

I find that as they have been in the wilderness for so long and without their secret weapon of power they will let us know via George Osborne that we need to be taught a lesson for this.

Osborne is a man who appears to have no scruples about what he does and the pain he inflicts on the less well off who do work but are not paid enough or are on these obnoxious zero-contract hours.

I class Osborne the same as Josef Mengele of the 1939-1945 Nazi party who liked to inflict terrible pain on the Jews for no earthly reason but for his own gratification to see people and children suffering.

Whatever posh Dave and his cronies come up with, any savings they may make, you can guarantee that they and the hierarchy plus the establishment will have had their hands in the till with the crumbs left for the rest.

You can put any money on it that the working class will put up the same resilience that was done during the bombings of our many cities during the Second Word War.

Come 2020 they will remember all that has been done to them and posh Dave will have to come up with a lot more than titbits to try to win an election outright.

Alan Charlesworth

Spa Lane, Woodhouse, Sheffield, S13