The grapes of toff

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JUICY grapes hand-picked from vines on the Chatsworth estate could be appearing on supermarket shelves in Sheffield.

The crop of golden yellow fruit from the Duke of Devonshire’s estate is set to be sold in Waitrose for the first time, and are likely to be stocked at the firm’s branch on Ecclesall Road.

The grapes are Muscat of Alexandria, more usually seen in Spain, France, Chile and South Africa.

The fruit was grown in a Chatsworth glasshouse where vines were first planted in 1921.

Chatsworth’s head of gardens Steve Porter said: “Growing these grapes is a very labour-intensive process so we have up to three gardeners at a time tending to them in the glasshouse.

“Chatsworth produces around 500 bunches annually, so the Duke of Devonshire and his family are very pleased that delicious Derbyshire grapes will now reach a wider audience.”