The fight must go on

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Walkley resident Jill Wright wants to reopen the debate on whether there should be a Tesco Express store at the junction of Springvale Road/Howard Road (Let Tesco build store, May 7).

I attended the planning appeal where local people gave clear evidence that this is at a very dangerous road junction with severe parking problems.

Tesco provided dubious evidence of the economic impact or need for its supermarket.

They failed to examine the impact on shops on South Road or the existing independent convenience shops on Barber Road and Commonside.

Claims that it will create jobs, income and services for the community were challenged by local shop owners and myself as a local resident.

It is far from true that the area ‘is bereft of decent shops’ and a Tesco Express would further damage their viability.

Sadly the area is now without a local Post Office or a community centre.

There is a strong case for doing far more than the council’s ‘Local Centre’ plan for Barber Road and Commonside to help local businesses to thrive.

We need to see action that will secure, protect and improve existing local shops as well as making the roads and pavements safer.

Last summer members of the local community provided a wide range of alternative suggestions for this site.

Building much needed affordable homes, a local gardening area, a pocket park or a haven for wildflowers and wildlife managed by local residents were just some of the ideas they put forward.

Tesco is the world’s third largest retailer with worldwide sales of £68 billion. Almost one in every seven pounds spent on UK high streets goes into a Tesco till and most of that goes straight out of the local economy.

‘Local’ branches of big supermarket chains will complete the devastation of our local shopping parades unless local people take a stand.

The fight against Tesco at Commonside must go on.

Bernard Little Broomhill Green Party and local resident