The disgusting state of Darnall railway station

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On Thursday morning, March 20, I caught the 06.43 Northern Rail service from Sheffield to Darnall. On arrival at this sad lone island platform affair, the train soon departed for its next stop and I was left alone to negotiate the off putting and intimidating subway for exiting the station. Voices could be heard in the darkened passage and a group of about eight youths were congregated, no way back now I thought and on down I went through a disgusting carpet of spit, broken glass and the aroma of some illegal substance, just to confirm it was 06.50 in the morning!

Outside the station was a bloke from a local station cleaning gang and I informed him of the horrible disgusting mess down in the subway. He himself safe in his white van, was awaiting back-up from his fellow cleaning team and obviously afraid to venture into the subway! All around Darnall station are warning signs which include, Images are being monitored for crime prevention, public and staff safety. WARNING Do not trespass on the railway penalty £1000 and NO SMOKING It is against the law to smoke on these premises. Also costly CCTV cameras have been installed. So why are gangs still allowed to congregate at Darnall station with all the above?

This is not and isolated incident and gangs congregate on a regular basis and at all hours, putting off many would be passenger. The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive should be ashamed of themselves in allowing this anti-social behaviour to continue. Sooner or later some unfortunate passenger is going to be seriously assaulted by some spaced out yob. Come on SYPTE act now and clean up your act at Darnall railway station and let us welcome and encourage new passenger usage.

Stephen Gaye

Darnall, Sheffield