THE DIARY: Cardboard copper mystery continues despite Diary’s best efforts

Picture of cop in Primark Window to deter shoplifters.
Picture of cop in Primark Window to deter shoplifters.
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ON Tuesday the Diary carried the story of the cardboard policeman glued to Primark’s window.

He’s there as part of a South Yorkhire Police initiative against shoplifting, an approach proven to have reduced pilfering in other regions.

Despite The Diary’s best efforts South Yorkshire Police won’t release the name of officer 677 but we do know that police gave out 50 of his pictures to go in windows in each South Yorkshire district.

“He is a serving officer but we don’t think he’d want his namre releasing,” said the spokesperson.

Maybe not but the Diary’s story on him prompted interest.

A lady from a city centre shoe shop called and asked us where she could get a policeman of her own to deter thieves in her shop.

“We have handbags stolen from our customers from time to time and I’d like anything that might keep them away,” she said.

“We had one a while ago where the lady had a heart problem and her medication was in her bag that had been stolen. It wasn’t very nice for her and she was in a bit of a panic for a while though she was alright eventually when her son came and took her home.

“Most of my customers are older and anyone who would steal an old lady’s bag in my view is disgusting.”

The Diary put the shopkeeper in touch with South Yorkshire Police and help may be on the way.

“The cardboard cops used in Manchester and other cities are thought to have reduced shoplifting by 75 per cent,“ added the spokesperson.

“We are currently assessing to see what impact they have had in South Yorkshire, though it’s a bit too soon to know yet.”