The council need to encourage fair tax

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Most of the the £32m of council tax arrears are owed by tenants, but it is not all the tenants’ fault, part of the problem is from the Town Hall.

A house with two or three bedrooms and a garden would be in A council band group, which is £100 per month, but the council will send a single person living in a one-bedroom flat a demand for £96 per month.

Now most tenants in that situation look for some other way out, and whatever tax they should pay is lost.

A questionnaire used to be sent to the tenant or the landlord, so the council would know how many people were living in the flat and the size of the flat.

The council need to do more to encourage people to pay a fair tax, half a loaf is better than none.

Landlords are finding it difficult to keep tenants with the recession and the unfair tax demands.

TJ Jones

Barnsley Road, S5