The case of the lost telegram

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I WONDER how many people remember the telegram boy in his smart uniform.

With nobody of working class on the phone, unless they had a business, for a quick response there was nothing like the telegram.

I only sent one once, to explain to my mother that my sister and I were travelling on the following day from a holiday camp.

Unfortunately, such was the fear of bad news that my mother nearly had a heart attack before my father opened it for her. We got into trouble for it.

The only time I received a telegram was when I nearly didn’t receive it. My then boyfriend had put in that I was to catch a certain train to London. This was at the end of the war.

Unfortunately, my little sister rather liked the look of it and hid it under the carpet square that we possessed with lino surrounds.

My mother having by then overcome her fear of telegrams, had opened it and knew the contents. It was only when she moved the carpet aside that she saw the lost item!

Vera Percy

Hoole Road

Sheffield S10