The bus is full, no more

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Many of the readers of these pages seem to think the people of this country hate immigrants and refugees.

Not true. What they do hate is the fact that the NHS and every one of our great benefits, schools, housing and the like are now being strangled to death by having to cope with an invasion, that’s what it is, of immigrants or refugees, now on a massive scale, which means the indigenous population and others are now suffering.

Britain has always been willing to help refugees for years but not on the scale we are now experiencing which is all down to EU rules.

Our schools, doctors surgeries, hospitals and even our benefit systems are being stretched to the limit simply because we are full to bursting.

When the bus is full, whatever the ‘looney left’ and screaming ‘do-gooders’ tell us, the bus remains full, not even any more standing room.

The sooner these people accept the facts the better we will all be in enjoying the little that we have left.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74