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Once again, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, has accusedthe UK of doing nothing to help the immigrants.

The UK have already taken in 650,000 of these people and enough is enough.

The last time she opened up was about closing down the Faslane Nuclear Sub Base, which is the UK’s trump card against any threat to our shores.

If the EU force the UK to take in more immigrants, which I hope they don’t, then Cameron must broker a deal with them to water down on human rights on deportation laws.

So as if one member of a non-Briish family commits an offence and is found guilty in court, then the whole family should be deported, even if their crime is a minor offence, such as shoplifting. Also they should not be able to attend an expensive hearing at a human rights court. They should also deport any people already banged up in jail.

J Bull

Sheffield 5