Thanks to all

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A HUGE thank you to all who donated to our charity once again. We held a street collection on the Moor on Feb 11 and raised a total of £411.53.

We are very grateful to you all as we desperately need all the help that we can get. Could I say a big thank you to our regular volunteers who turn up to help us in all weathers to help us raise funds. Your help is invaluable to the sanctuary. Many thanks. See you all again on Saturday, March 31.

Carol Middleton, Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

The great NHS

I’d like to endorse Mr Bradbury’s letter on the NHS. I have to attend clinics regularly and have been an in-patient several times and have always been satisfied and grateful with the care I have received.

Negative criticism always hits the headlines so let’s give praise where it’s due.


Going beyond...

i’m disgusted at the actions of the carer who stole from an old lady while supposedly taking care of her.

I work for Mears and feel suck to the stomach that someone could do such a thing to an elderly and infirm client and also bring the reputation of all carers into disrepute. All the people receiving care from any company should note that 99.99% of carers will go over and beyond our duties to help.

D Blythe-Brown, Hurlfield Rd, S12

Alternate black and green bins

I HAD the same problem as L Harrison, (Feb 18th) over my green bin and so I told a member of staff at Veolia staff that my bin was full of green waste. How was I able to get it emptied?

I was advised to remove the green waste and put it in my black bin, as all the waste now went into the same container!

Why, when we have a system where we can alternate our blue bin/box usage, can we not alternate the black/green bins during the gardening season and then black bin collections only during the winter months?

I wonder if the person who made the decision to pull the plug on green bin collections looked beyond the figures and gave this matter any real thought?

SK, Handsworth, S13