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I am currently receiving chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer at the Cavendish Suite at the Royal Hospital in Chesterfield. I just felt I had to write to give the team who run the unit the recognition they all so deserve.

On my first visit at the beginning of September, I don’t mind admitting I was dreading it, there was definitely a big black cloud hanging over my head that day. However, right from entering the unit and being greeted by the receptionist everyone couldn’t have been more welcoming.

My chemo nurse for that first visit was the lovely Josie. She took her time to explain the whole procedure in a very kind and funny manner and completely put me at ease.

It may seem a strange thing to say but by the end of my first treatment I was looking forward to returning for my next treatment in three weeks.

The big black cloud had definitely been lifted and that was all down to Josie.

I am now awaiting my fourth treatment and have been treated by various members of the team and they are all as kind and funny as each other but also very professional and it comes across how well they work as a team.

They can’t do enough for you and you will be supplied with endless tea and lovely cake, so forget the diet!

So for anyone who is out there awaiting treatment at this unit, while I know first hand how distressing and upsetting a cancer diagnosis can be you have nothing to worry about with the treatment you will receive at this unit.

They will welcome you with open arms and maybe like me you too will come to look forward to your visits.

P Ward

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