Thank you to all I worked with

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I WOULD like to thank the officers of the council and various trusts that I was privileged to work with in the Culture Sport and Tourism portfolio. I also wish all the best to the person who succeeds me. It has been an interesting time for me and my predecessor, Coun Sylvia Dunkley who will now be the next Lord Mayor. I would also pay tribute to her work in reaching the short list of UK City of Culture.

I would like to place on record the contribution of Activity Sheffield and Sheffield International Venues which have played a major part in increasing the number of Sheffielders that are now more active. The voluntary sector has also produced some remarkable people who have contributed so much to the city without seeking recognition but have the grateful thanks of the beneficiaries.

Sheffield is a great city with some wonderful people. Many cultural and sporting activities take place here. We have great places of entertainment and are rich in both home-grown amateur talent and professional performers who are attracted here. We have two museum trusts that I hope will win the core museums bid (together with their other partners).

Sheffield will now bring in more money through the Welcome to Sheffield internet site instead of it going to outside companies. There will also be a facility for coach parking in the city centre that hadn’t existed before. This can only improve the possibilities of increasing tourist stays here.

We now look to Wednesday and United to get Sheffield football back to the top, because that has an amazing world-wide recognition effect.

Roger Davison, Cabinet member for Culture,Sport and Tourism, 2010-11 and advisor 2008-2010