Thank you for Blitz memories

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My earliest memory, naturally a very vague and hazy one, is of being carried in my mother’s arms up cellar steps and on to a street filled with smoke and fire with a building opposite ablaze with fire shooting up into the sky.


Then being carried up the street, into a back yard with a shelter, and folk moving up to make space for my mother and me with father alongside.

I learned much later the date was Dec 12/13 1940. I was one at the time. The place was Woodbourn Road, Attercliffe, and I was about 100 yards or so, I now learn from George Tinker who wrote so movingly in The Star with his Feb 5 2011 Blitz letter special.

My family lived in a rented beer off at the corner of Woodbourn Rd and Staniforth Rd. The yard with Nissen huts was, I believe, up past the Methleys and near the Burdetts and half way likely to George Tinker who probably lived near the Hawleys and the Wards.

After the war in the late 40s while attending Woodbourn Rd school we kids held a sort of bombed buildings Olympics on the site behind Woodbourn Rd which sadly took a Luftwaffe landmine. Today it’s an athletics stadium! How appropriate and prophetic!

So thank you George for painting a word picture of an event we shared with details until now not known by me. Thanks also to The Star for printing at such length a key part of Sheffield’s history.

Coun Arthur Dunworth, Loxley