Tenants paid wrong rents

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HUNDREDS of council tenants have been paying the wrong amount of rent for up to four years.

Chesterfield Council has revealed 400 people have been affected by over or under charging because of an “administrative error”.

The council has now agreed to repay all tenants who have been overcharged, with interest, while those undercharged will not be asked to make back payments. Rents will be corrected and incorporated into annual increases from April.

Cabinet member for housing Coun Tony Rogers said: “We sincerely apologise to those tenants affected by this administrative error. The circumstances causing the error have now been reviewed and it will not occur again.”

The error, which in some cases goes back to 2006-7, affects around four per cent of the council’s 10,000 tenancies and the majority were undercharged. Letters are being sent to affected tenants.

n Contact council customer services on 01246 345504 with any concerns.