Tell them to fight back

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So David Cameron has back- pedalled and has agreed to take approximately 4,000 more refugees into Britain.

When is the Government going to realise we are having all on giving the British people a decent lifestyle, never mind importing more benefit claimants putting further stress on our already struggling health service, housing services, schools and benefits?

The majority of the refugees are fleeing from war and persecution, why don’t they stay and fight for their countries?

Britain has lost thousands of men, women and children in two world wars and countless conflicts all over the world in the name of freedom.

Where would Britain be if the British people had fled Britain during these conflicts?

So what I would do is give all the men fleeing these countries a gun and tell them to fight for their country instead of expecting Britain to support them.

As an afterthought, if Sheffield, the city of Sanctuary has to take any more refugees can the council make sure any empty dwellings in the Ecclesall Road and Dore areas are filled first with these people?


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