Team was inspiring

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In all the letters about Sheffield City Airport, I rarely see any mention of some very important people who were involved in the work there during its all too brief life; I refer to all the members of the management and staff.

I was chaplain at the airport and saw at close hand the dedicated and professional standards which these folk achieved and maintained. They did a first class piece of work of which they can be justly proud and it was sad to see it all come to such needless waste.

I remember them all with great affection and if any of them see this, I thank you for your example and inspiration.

Neville Chambers, S11

why did Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry remain silent on the closure of the airport?

Initially it was fully supportive of our airport and adjoining business park (they tend to come together as a package) but suddenly withdrew that support!

Not only did they back off supporting the airport, the Sheffield business community, the regeneration of the Lower Don Valley and job prospects, they have been actively promoting such things in Doncaster with their support of Robin Hood Airport!

Is this the first time in any chamber’s history that they have supported businesses in another town or city to the detriment of their own?

What on earth were they playing at? Its members must be shaking their heads!

Disgruntled Sheffielder