Taxi CCTV legal challenge ‘will fail’

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A DECISION to force taxi drivers to fit CCTV cameras has been defended by Sheffield Council - which has warned a possible legal challenge will fail.

Licensing committee chairman, Coun John Robson, responded to claims by chairman of Sheffield Taxi Trade Association, Hafeas Rehman, who said the idea makes drivers feel as if they are ‘not to be trusted’.

Drivers of black cabs and private hire vehicles are also upset by the cost of around £500 each, and Mr Rehman said they plan to seek a judicial review.

But Coun Robson said: “It would be an expensive procedure which is likely to fail as we have followed all due legal processes.

“CCTV is required for safety of the travelling public and drivers. One driver recently lost an eye after being attacked, while we are aware of a driver who falsely imprisoned and sexually-assaulted passengers.

“Another tried to deceive officials by not declaring he was investigated by authorities in another area after being found in the back of his taxi in a remote spot with a 15-year-old girl.”