Taxes going on illegal weapons

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Many readers would probably be shocked to learn that their money – as UK taxpayers – is helping to prop up a bank which is investing in companies which produce illegal weapons.

But that is exactly what is happening with Royal Bank of Scotland (including Nat West), a government-owned bank which last year gave a £48.8million loan to companies which help produce cluster bombs – weapons which the UK Government actually outlawed last year.

A nationwide opinion poll found that nearly eight out of ten people said RBS should be denied such investments.

Cluster bombs scatter dozens or hundreds of smaller sub-munitions over a wide area. They cannot distinguish between military targets and civilians. A third of all recorded cluster bomb casualties are children.

Amnesty International is urging RBS to stop using our money to make investments in companies that make illegal weapons. Visit

Graham Jones, Sheffield

Amnesty International

Smell of hot tar

As I saw the road near me being resurfaced I recalled the time around 65 years ago when the road through our village was repaired. There was a lovely smell of runny, hot tar and the excitement of watching pebbles going down but then the best part was the steam roller flattening it all. I believe the same road technique is still in use today, but there isn’t a lot of traffic using it. I recall many things that happened then and wish they were still with us now. The 40s and 50s after the war was the best era to live in.