Tax-payers left to pick up bill for council lights left on

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Sheffield City Council preach their enviromentally-friendly credentials on many occasions.

Some relatives were staying at St Mary’s Gate, Premier Inn.

Dropping them off, I was curious to see the view from the 10th floor.

Their room overlooked the Moorfoot building, now operated by Sheffield council.

What did I see? The majority of the office lights burning away, over the majority of the floors facing the Premier, wasting electricity and money .

Considering this was close to midnight on Sunday, clearly nobody was working.

The lights couldn’t have been on for security reasons either, as some parts of Moorfoot were in darkness.

Clearly there is no intelligent lighting in this building that automatically switches lights off when nobody is around.

Let’s remember that it will be us hard-pressed council tax-payers who will be picking up the electricity bill for Moorfoot on the council’s behalf and I’m guessing that if council workers are lax at turning off lights at night and over the weekends, the majority of the computers will be left on stand-by.

Maybe someone from the council would let us council tax-payers know what the electricity bill for Moorfoot was over the past year or will they be ashamed at the amount of money wasted on the utility bill that could have been used for services?

Maybe the Green councilors could find out for us or perhaps it’s one for The Star’s freedom of information campaign? Either way, this waste of energy and money needs addressing and if takes embarrassing Sheffield council into action, then so be it.

James Fenner

by email