Tax-payers are being ripped off by the Government

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This is a follow-up to the letter I wrote (Star, March 6, 2015). The NHS are always coming under fire from the Government because of the length of waiting times and at the same time having to reduce their budgets by thousands of pounds.

The doctors and nurses are doing a wonderful job in spite of all these savings and cutbacks. This government is to blame for the rundown of the NHS. The main reason the hospitals cannot cope, and you don’t have to be an MP to work this one out, is because this country is getting overcrowded with immigrants and the more we let in the more pressure will be put on the NHS. More money should be put into the NHS not taken out and one way of renovating money is to boot out the private companies that run the car parks at the hospitals and all the money should go tax-free to the NHS.

Nick Clegg said he would take bus passes off rich pensioners and I would like to add to that, stop all rich MPs from claiming expenses from taxpayers.

Stop paying millions of pounds of bonuses to rich bankers. HSBC has been responsible for thousands of rich clients avoiding paying tax. If we the tax-payer had done this we would be taken to court. All these people should be named and shamed and they should be made to pay back the outstanding tax.

HSBC should also be accountable for helping these people.

And finally, split all the rich big energy companies up and put them back as one gas and one electric company.

Tax payers are being ripped off by millions of pounds by the Government, banks and energy companies etc, millions of pounds that should be put towards such as the NHS and other essential services. The taxpayer should not have to fork out any more money.

Stephen Day