Tax on having stuff wrapped

Garbage, mostly plastic waste
Garbage, mostly plastic waste
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I had naively believed that the carrier bag tax was just for bags provided by supermarkets, but it is in fact an appalling imposition of charges for having goods wrapped.

In stores such as Marks and Spencer and Debenhams I will be faced with a choice of a compulsory charge for my goods to be wrapped or expected to just leave with them unwrapped in my hand.

This seems like a shoplifters’ heaven, if customers are just wandering out of the shops with unwrapped goods .

How are staff going to know if these have been paid for or not?

They say that the high street is dying – for me with its failure to provide a free alternative to the plastic bag it has rendered itself dead and buried as I will henceforth be purchasing online only from those retailers such as Zalando who offer free delivery.

On a recent visit to Paris I purchased a scarf from Galeries Lafayette.

My purchase was wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a cardboard sleeve which was then placed in a paper carrier.

If they can provide a superb plastic-free wrapping service then why is it beyond the capability of stores in this country? Disgraceful!

Katherine Mitchell

by email