Tax cows and beef not petrol and cars

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It is about time green lobbyists and policy-makers became realistic.

The rare earth metals needed for wind turbine generators and battery cars are not green.

Some 97% of these metals are mined in Baotou, China. These same mines also contain uranium and other toxic materials.

Villages have had to be relocated because large areas have been contaminated with mining wash.

These mines use ten million tons of water per year. The spent wash water is highly acidic and radioactive.

Most mines are unregulated and primitive. Smaller mines in Southern China are more polluting and run by criminal gangs.

Our government is supposed to represent the people of the UK and yet it unfairly penalises us with green taxes.

People need to keep warm in their homes and we need energy for industry and exports.

The UK is responsible for approximately two per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases. China puts more new coal-fired power stations on line every week, creating more gases than we save in a year, so whatever we do has no effect.

Finally people should know that cows reared for meat consumption cause more damage to the environment than all the cars in the UK.

This is because methane gas from cows’ digestive systems is 23 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

It would therefore be more logical to tax beef and beef products than fuel. This suggestion would also persuade people to eat healthier.

Mr M Ward, Lymister Avenue, Rotherham, S60 3DD