Tasty years of changes

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The last three decades have brought remarkable change to Sheffield. There has been some bad but also lots of good and plenty of improvements, not least in the city’s highly competitive restaurant scene.

You can buy a huge range of international food now but 32 years ago the choice was nowhere near as impressive and there weren’t many Indian restaurants when Nirmal and Parshotam Gupta opened Nirmal’s.

As they retire after 32 years we want to know how you think the restaurant scene has changed over the last three decades. What are the biggest improvements and is there anything still missing? If you have a favourite restaurant then feel free to let us know that too.

Here are some of the people who have been joining the debate online ... 
Margaret Mark: I’ve enjoyed many a lovely meal at Nirmals.

Simon Wigfield: The food there is great.
Elizabeth Gethin: The food was fabulous at Nirmals.
Philip Bennett: I used to go to the Indus Indian restaurant in Fitzalan Square in the 1970s and The Himalaya, just off Glossop Road.

I miss the old days and a nice Ruby Murry after a few pints in town.

Nicola Bradshaw: Himalaya, definitely had the best curry around! Bring it back.

Andrew Barnett: 32 years ago there were lots of Indian restaurants in Sheffield it was the 80s not the 50s.
Will Boyce: One thing I wish Sheffield (and England in general) had more of was Mexican restaurants. I have family in the States and they’re ten a penny over there but you’re hard pushed to find any over here and let me tell you, Mexican food is gooood. 
Glenn Beckett: We need more fish and chip shops and restaurants specialising in English cuisine, like the one in Covent Garden. Also more Greek, Thai and Lebanese options.
Simon Heritage: We need more English cuisine made by English people ! 
Carole Burrows: We need somewhere other than chain coffee shops to get a cuppa at about 5.30 in the afternoon.
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