Tapton Halls should be listed and protected

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I have lived in Crookes for 45 years and I am also a Crookes local historian.

Before Tapton Halls were built in 1967 there was a wireless and telephone company on the site in a building that looked like an ancient hall with a square tower.

The company was owned by the Bagshaws of Oaks Park, Norton.

My late mother worked there for a time when the building was demolished and the Tapton Halls were built to blend in with Crookes and Broomhill.

The architect was careful in planning and design.

At the same time Sir John Betjemen visited Broomhill in July 1967 and said that Broomhill was the finest suburb in England.

Lydgate Lane and Crookes Road are part of the old Roman Road called the Long Cause Way 46AD, Crookes main Road is 980AD.

I believe that Tapton Halls should be listed and protected.

John Jackson

Crookes, Sheffield