Talk about passing the buck

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I booked a repair with Sheffield council on March 3, this year, I was told that the repair was to be completed by May 22, (three months).

I phoned the council on May 21, and asked if by any chance, they were to get my repair done because there was only one day left for them to do it.

The answer was ‘Oh we have no control over the contractors’, not ‘ok Mr Day I will contact the said contractors for you and see what’s happening’, this repair is still not been seen to, yet they have had three months to do it, or even contact me to say sorry.

The best part about the council is, as soon as one request a repair then they pass it on to contractors and say it’s out of their hands, but the council employ these contractors so they are responsible for seeing the job done right and on time.

I have since phoned on May 22, (deadline date), and a chap did try and contact the contractors, no chance.

So now we still have no repair.

George Day

by email