Takeaway crash horror

The scene of a fatal car crash on Wulfric Place, Manor
The scene of a fatal car crash on Wulfric Place, Manor
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A shop worker has told how he pulled two people from a car whose driver died after it smashed into a Sheffield takeaway.

Stephen Pearson, aged 60, was the first on the scene after the 62-year-old driver reportedly had a heart attack at the wheel and lost control.

Stephen, who works at the Premier convenience store on Fairleigh, Manor, heard a loud bang as the car ploughed into the nearby Plaza takeaway on Wulfric Road.

He said: “I was stood outside the shop having a cup of tea. Then I heard this big bang – it was like a bomb going off.

“I ran to the corner of the street, with the cup of tea still in my hand, and saw a car embedded in the wall of the pizza shop.

“I couldn’t see much because there was a lot of smoke, but I saw someone on the back seat, banging on the window and saying ‘get me out, get me out’.

“At one point I thought the car was going to catch fire because there was so much smoke and fuel.”

Stephen, who lives on Manor with his wife, Christine, was unable to open the back door.

He went to the front passenger side and found the elderly male passenger, with the seat belt looped around his neck.

Stephen cut him free using the knife he usually uses to open cardboard boxes in the shop.

He then released the childlock on the back door and was able to free the elderly woman from the back seat as another passer-by got chairs for the couple to sit on.

Stephen, a grandfather-of-three, said: “I went around to the driver, opened the door but he was in a terrible state. I was sorry I couldn’t help the driver.”

The elderly man was left with broken ribs while the woman suffered chest injuries. The driver died at the scene.

A family member of the man who died said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who came to the aid of those involved in this terrible accident.

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.”

The takeaway building has been made structurally secure, but remains closed.